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Also known as scabies, it is an ectoparasitic skin disease caused by itch mites or scabies on the body surface of rabbits. It is mainly characterized by severe itching, depilation, inflammation and scab of the affected skin. The disease spreads rapidly by contact. In light cases, the sick rabbits lose weight, affect the production performance, and in serious cases, cause death.
Prevention methods:
1. For prevention in advance, each rabbit was subcutaneously injected with 0.4 ml of chongtaijing every 6 months and reused once after 7 days.
2. When the baby rabbit is parasitized by mites, the baby rabbit can be soaked in the 1000 times dilution of miticide for 1 minute, the water temperature is maintained at about 36 ℃, and then wipe the rabbit body with a dry towel to keep warm and prevent cold.
3. Adult sick rabbits can use alfodine (the main component is abamectin), subcutaneous injection once every 10 days, three times as a course of treatment, and wipe the affected part with mite Biqing. After about 1 week, it can be cured.
真菌性皮肤病 兔真菌性皮肤病是一类传染性极强的人畜共患接触性皮肤病。该病主要侵害兔皮毛,多发生于成年兔,1月龄左右的仔兔多在口、鼻、眼周围和腹部出现皮屑增多、结痂、脱毛、液体渗出、毛囊炎及痒感等症状,严重的引起兔营养不良、生长迟缓、饲料报酬降低等,直接影响兔毛的产量和品质,降低种兔的生产性能和仔兔成活率,给养兔业造成严重的经济损失。
Fungal dermatosis rabbit fungal dermatosis is a kind of highly infectious contact dermatosis between humans and animals. The disease mainly affects rabbit fur, mostly in adult rabbits. The young rabbits of about one month old often have symptoms such as increased dandruff, crusting, depilation, liquid exudation, folliculitis and itching in the mouth, nose, eyes and abdomen, which seriously causes malnutrition, growth retardation and reduced feed reward, and directly affects the yield and quality of rabbit hair, Reduce the production performance of breeding rabbits and the survival rate of young rabbits, and cause serious economic losses to the rabbit industry.
1. The affected rabbits were smeared with clotrimazole aqueous solution or ointment three times a day until they were cured.
2. Wipe the affected part with 10% sodium salicylate, 6% benzoic acid or 5% ~ 10% copper sulfate solution until it is cured.
3. Apply dermatitis iodine tincture once a day for 2 ~ 3 days.
4. For mass prevention, pikang can be used in advance and injected once before the mother rabbit and after the weaning of the baby rabbit; After the onset of a large group, 400 ~ 800 mg of griseofulvin can also be added to each kilogram of feed for treatment. It can be used for 15 days, and then used for 15 days after stopping the drug for 15 days, which can better control the occurrence of fungal skin disease in rabbits.
For the prevention of rabbit skin diseases, we should control the introduction and strengthen the daily health management. It is strictly prohibited to bring in pathogens during introduction. The newly introduced breeding rabbits shall be isolated and fed in mixed groups after it is determined that there are no skin disease pathogens. Keep the rabbit house, rabbit cage, tableware and utensils clean and hygienic. The cages and utensils contacted by sick rabbits were fumigated and disinfected with formalin; Dirt and feces shall be deeply buried or burned after disinfection with quicklime. The breeders should disinfect the enclosure regularly.
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