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安哥拉兔是一种伴侣动物,根据被毛来分,还可以分为长毛兔和短毛兔。按品种分为垂耳、 西施、 道奇等虽形象各异,但都可爱之极。那么母兔怀孕的表现有哪些呢?让我们一起来看看吧。
Angora rabbit is a companion animal. According to the coat, Angora rabbit can be divided into long hair rabbit and short hair rabbit. According to the varieties, it can be divided into chui'er, Xishi, Dodge, etc. Although they have different images, they are extremely lovely. So what are the performance of pregnant rabbits? Let's take a look.
General rabbit friends should know that female rabbit has an empty period. In order to reduce the empty period of female rabbit to a large extent, we should check whether the female rabbit is pregnant as soon as possible after mating. Here we provide several methods to check whether the female rabbit is pregnant, so that we can accurately determine whether the female rabbit is pregnant and improve the reproduction rate of Angora rabbit.
1、 First of all, I would like to introduce a method of using male rabbits to check female rabbits. In the specific operating room, after 4 days of female rabbit breeding, the female rabbit is put in the cage of the male rabbit. If the female rabbit is found to have the sound of cooing, and the male rabbit is also refused to approach, this performance indicates that the female rabbit has been pregnant. This method is relatively simple, but it is not very accurate. You can use other methods to continue to confirm.
2、 You can use the touch. On the 4th and 5th day after mating, if the breeder approaches the female rabbit, or when touching the female rabbit, he hears the female rabbit cooing, or opposes touching, it is the state of pregnancy. At the same time, it should be observed in combination with the normal performance of the female rabbit.
3、 Carefully observe the situation of the mother rabbit picking grass. After 6-7 days of mating, the female rabbits put the grass on the grass rack of the cage. At night, the female rabbits put the grass on the grass rack into their own cage and piled it in one place, which showed pregnancy, but it should be different from the false pregnancy.
4、 Whether the female rabbit planed the floor. Seven days after mating, pregnant rabbits had the instinct of nesting and burrowing, while pregnant rabbits showed the posture of digging and burrowing on the cage floor intermittently. This method is more accurate.
5、 Whether the daily intake and drinking water of female rabbits increased. 9 days after mating, the food intake of female rabbits increased compared with that of normal days, and gradually increased appetite and water appetite, increased food intake and water intake with the growth of fetus.
6、 The glossiness of rabbit hair can be observed. On the 10th day of pregnancy, the glossiness of the coat increases, and it becomes more prominent on the 15th day or more. On the 20th day or more, the coat becomes shiny and loose, so that it can be caught off and the breast has milk. This method is accurate, but it should be determined early in order to supplement breeding.
七、可以检查母兔的阴部。配种7天上下时间,检查母兔阴部,若呈樱桃形稍有红 肿,为妊娠现象;若发情则不为妊娠。此方法应与母兔有刨草、跑笼底板的反应结合。
7、 The pudendal part of the female rabbit can be examined. After 7 days of mating, the vulva of the female rabbit was examined. If it was cherry shaped and slightly red and swollen, it was pregnancy; if it was estrus, it was not pregnancy. This method should be combined with the response of the female rabbit to ploughing grass and running cage floor.
8、 Physical examination of female rabbits to see if there is any weight gain. After 20 days of gestation, due to the growth of the fetus, the posterior abdomen of the female rabbit became significantly larger, and the weight of the female rabbit also increased significantly.
Precautions for pregnant Angora rabbits:
1、 Careful nursing to prevent abortion. Do not catch a rabbit without reason. If you need to capture, the action is light, grasp the cortex behind the ear in front of the back, do not damage the fur, and do not kill the skin.
2、 Touch the embryo correctly. It's better to do it about 8-10 days after mating, because the fertilized egg can only be implanted on the uterine wall after 5-6 days, the initial embryo is very small, once it is strongly stimulated by the outside world, it is easy to cause embryo death or abortion, and the force should be moderate when touching the embryo.
3、 The nutrition of female rabbits should be sufficient in late pregnancy. On the 20th day of pregnancy, the female rabbits must be fed with sufficient protein, mineral and vitamin compound feed, and be fed with roughage and green forage in an appropriate amount, three times in the morning, middle and evening.