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What are the benefits of plucking hair for long haired rabbits?


1. Breeding and management of long haired rabbits


(1) Before plucking, the rabbit should strengthen its management to maintain a healthy and disease-free body, with a good physique, in preparation for plucking.


(2) Plucking rabbits should use compound feed as much as possible to meet their nutritional needs, especially paying attention to meeting the supply of sulfur-containing amino acids. Especially in the two weeks before plucking, some refined feed should be added appropriately to make the hair smooth, oily, and easy to grow. The nutrient content of the compound feed is required to reach 2500 kcal per kilogram of digestible energy, 10% -12% crude fiber, 2% fat, 16% seminal protein, 0.4% calcium, 0.22% phosphorus, 0.65% lysine, and 0.6% methionine+cysteine.


(3) After plucking the fur, long haired rabbits sometimes experience a decrease in appetite. At this time, it is necessary to increase the amount of concentrate appropriately, feed them with strong palatability and high nutritional value feed, and feed them more green and juicy feed.


(4) We need to strengthen hygiene management. Rabbit houses and cages should be cleaned, disinfected, cleaned, ventilated, and frequently exposed to the sun. Feed and water should be kept clean and hygienic to prevent infection and disease.


(5) In winter, when plucking hair, it is important to keep the inside of the house warm. At the same time, cotton fabric can be sewn into a blanket to keep the rabbit warm and prevent frostbite. Summer rabbits should do a good job in heatstroke prevention.


(6) After hair removal, applying a mixture of 75% vegetable oil and 25% alcohol to the skin can improve skin permeability, promote blood circulation and metabolism, ensure that hair follicles obtain the necessary nutrients, promote continuous proliferation of hair follicles, and increase the production of medullary cells and medullary hair removal.



2. The benefits and significance of plucking hair


Developing long haired rabbits advocates plucking instead of shearing. Because plucking can increase rabbit hair production and efficiency. 


Hair can promote the strength of rabbits. By plucking hair, the body's metabolism and blood circulation are accelerated, resistance is enhanced, and skin diseases are reduced.


3. The plucking technique of long haired rabbits


There are two methods for plucking hair, one is to pluck long and leave short, and the other is to pluck all the hair. The method is to first comb through the fur with a comb, hold down the rabbit with your left hand, use the index finger, thumb, and middle finger of your right hand, and work together with the three fingers to gently pull out small clumps, without forcefully pulling them out. Pulling out the long and keeping the short is the most suitable method for hair changing in winter and spring and autumn. It is usually pulled out every 30-40 days, and can also be used to prevent freezing and keep warm in winter. For the plucked hair, it can be stored and sold in good and secondary grades, which can also increase income.


We usually use the method of plucking all the fur around the body, except for the head, tail, and feet of the rabbit. Rabbits can have their hair trimmed once after about 60 days of growth, and this type of hair is called fetal hair; In the future, you can pluck all the hair every 80-90 days. This method is suitable for the spring and autumn hair changing season.


4. Precautions for hair removal


(1) The skin of young rabbits is relatively tender, and plucking is not suitable for the first hair collection. Generally, it should be started from the second time. Pregnant, lactating, and male rabbits should not be plucked. Rabbits injured by illness should be cured first before being plucked.


(2) When plucking hair, the action should be gentle and small, do not pull hard, forcefully, or excessively to prevent skin damage. If there is skin damage, it can be disinfected with gentian violet solution,  rivanol solution, and  bromogeramine solution.


(3) Before plucking, use a comb to comb through the hair to prevent tangling and sticking.

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